CAT (Common Admission Test)


Stalwart Career Institute CAT coaching in indore is known for providing the Best Quality Training for CAT preparation. Every year we prove this through our exceptional teaching methodology, being used by our CAT Topper Faculties, supported by comprehensive & proven course material. And this gets reflected in our results too. You will find our students as Alumni in Top B Schools including IIMs.

We stand different from others as the area where our mentors focus is building the basics of the students and gradually take him/her to the required CAT difficulty level. We provide an exposure to our students to compete with CAT aspirants at all India Level through our National level CAT Online Test Series i.e. Pro CATs. To know where an individual stands, a live performance tracker is provided in order to evaluate the progress. Also, Personal Mentoring is provided to each student in order to motivate and guide him/her in performance tracking and CAT strategy making.

We claim that any student who has sincerely followed our training module and the guidance provide by our mentors, will surely achieve his goal of studying in a Top B School of India.Join us the best CAT coaching classes in indore.

We believe that – “Together we can create a difference”.

How Stalwart will act as a Catalyst in your CAT Preparation?

Only XAT and CAT topper faculties – Our students get training from faculties who are XAT/CAT Toppers. We believe only those who have done it themselves can train students for a CAT competitive exam.

360+ hours of classroom learning – 360+ hours of classroom learning in an interactive class environment.

Exceptional Teaching Methodology – From Basic to Advance we teach everything to students. We are the only institute where we first work on your foundation and then take you along to the required level of CAT exam.

Comprehensive CAT Study Material – Our CAT Course material is extensive enough to cover all CAT question types asked in exams so that student does not face any difficulty in the actual CAT exam.

One to one personal mentoring – Personalized mentoring and counselling sessions are provided to each student so as to motivate and guide him/her in performance tracking and strategy making.

Test Analysis & its discussion Workshops – Through our National level CAT test series, our students are exposed to compete with CAT aspirants at all India Level. Our Online portal enables students to track their performance through Performance Tracker & Growth Report. Also, various workshops are being conducted on the analysis of Pro CATs.

What will you get if you join Stalwart’s Best CAT Coaching classes?

Offline Tools
Concept Theory CAT Books
Compendiums(Booklets for CAT Practice at home)
Concept CAT Practice Books
Booster CAT Course material(CAT Exam Level Questions)
Classroom Sessions(360+ hours)
Faculty Contact Hours
Special Sessions for XAT
Personal counseling Sessions
Form Filling Workshops
Profile Building Workshops
Aptitude Specific Workshops
GK and Current Affairs based Seminars
Pro CATs Analysis Workshops
CAT Online Tools
Pro CAT test series(2500+ Test Takers every year)
CAT Test Solutions and Analysis
IIFT mock tests
SNAP mock tests
NMAT mock tests
XAT mock tests
CMAT mock tests
50+ Sectional tests
120+ Topic tests
Video Capsules
Static GK Material
Current Affairs Preparation Material
CAT Preparation Blogs
Prep Buddy eMagazine(monthly)
GD PI WAT Preparation
News Feed&General Awareness Blogs
Personality Development Workshops
Group Discussion Workshops
Personal Interview Tips
Mock Group Discussions
CAT Mock Interviews with feedback
Sessions on Essay Writing Techniques
Essay Writing Practice with detailed feedback to individual
GD/WAT Topics’ Analysis

4 Reasons Why Stalwart’s Online CAT Course Module is Worth joining

Best CAT test series -

Get access to 20+ full length CAT mock tests, 10+ tests based on OMETs, Sectional and CAT Topics tests

Individual Performance Tracker

your performance through latest analytics tools employed by our time.

CAT Video Lectures –

Prepare for CAT on the move, anytime with recorded CAT video lectures, which you can watch according to our convenience.

Online GD-PI-WAT Preparation Assistance –

Extensive tools to prepare for stage 2 admission process ranging from blogs to Prep Buddy magazine.

What are the online tools, which I can avail after enrolling for Stalwart’s online CAT module?

Feature CAT Online Course
Offline Tools
Concept CAT Practice Books Yes
Concept Theory Books Yes
Booster CAT Course material(CAT Exam Level Questions) Yes
Online Tools
Pro CAT test series(2500+ Test Takers every year) Yes
CAT Mock Test Solutions and Analysis Yes
IIFT mock tests Yes
SNAP mock tests Yes
NMAT mock tests Yes
XAT mock tests Yes
CMAT mock tests Yes
50+ Sectional tests Yes
120+ Topic Tests Yes
Quantitative Aptitude Videos Yes
Verbal Ability Videos Yes
DI LR Concept Videos Yes
Concepts Application Videos Yes
Static GK Material Yes
Current Affairs Preparation material Yes
CAT Preparation Blogs Yes
Prep Buddy eMagazine(monthly) Yes
GD PI WAT Preparation
News Feed&General Awareness Blogs Yes
Personal Interview Tips Yes
CAT Mock Interviews with feedback Yes
Sessions on Essay Writing Techniques Yes
Essay Writing Practice with detailed feedback to individual Yes
GD/WAT Topics’ Analysis Yes

What are the benefits of joining our CAT Online Test Series “Pro CATs” ?

Compete with 2500+ students at National Level

Individual Performance Tracker & its Analysis

Detailed Analysis & Solutions of each Test

CAT Topic Based Tests & Sectional Tests: For the Preparation at Ground Level

FAQs Related to CAT –

CAT classroom course of Stalwart best cat coaching classes in Indore provides you with faculties, who give you personalized mentoring at every step of your CAT preparation. Be it in the form knowing whether you have understood a concept on the basis of your facial expressions or motivating you on a personal level, live class can never replace a classroom course.
Moreover, the faculty Contact Hours feature, in which a student can get his/her doubts cleared by the mentor personally is a valuable addition, where a student can get their difficulties cleared in the most effective way.
The form filling sessions and other personalized sessions consider your individual potential and then suggest you solutions for all your problems.
Along with CAT (Common Admission Test), a student can in parallel prepare for exams like XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT, MICAT, TISS NET, CMAT, MAT.
For XAT, a student needs to additionally prepare for Decision Making section, which is specific to XAT only. We at Stalwart provide special sessions for XAT, which include Decision Making and Booster level aptitude questions.
For exams like IIFT, MICAT and TISS – NET, which have an additional General Awareness section, we provide you with Current Affairs and Static GK material on our Prep Buddy Platform.
Yes, according to the eligibility criteria, you are eligible to apply for CAT.
Prep Buddy is an all in one online preparation platform, which gives you access to all the online tools of Stalwart Career Institute. Prep Buddy provides you with Pro CAT test series, Detailed Pro CAT analysis, Online tests for OMETs, Sectional tests, CAT Topic tests (from basic CAT level of difficulty to advanced level of difficulty), CAT Preparation Blogs, Prep Buddy magazine (e magazine), news feed and many other useful features. All these features collectively help to boost your CAT preparation and help you to be prepared in a better way.
About 3,20,000 students give CAT every year and compete for less than 10,000 seats of top B – Schools. It means that one in every 32 persons who gives the CAT entrance exam converts one or the other good B – Schools. In such a tough CAT exam competition, it is always advisable to keep yourself thoroughly prepared and start preparing for CAT before at least 11 to 12 months. It means that the earlier you start preparing, the better.