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  • 750+ Video Lectures by CAT Topper Faculties
  • 300+ Hours content of IPMAT Preparation Videos
  • 5500+ Questions in Online IPMAT Coaching Course
  • 100+ Topic Based Tests (50+ Basic & 50+ Advanced Level)
  • 5 IPMAT Mocks (Best Online Tests Series for IPMAT)
  • 10+ Mock OMETs (Online Test Series for SET, NPAT, UGAT, DAVV CET)
  • Online Doubt Solving on One – to – One basis
  • PI-WAT Online Preparation Material

How Stalwart is different from other Online IPM Preparation Coachings?

Get a Feel of Real Classroom Coaching

Our IPM online classes provide you with one of a kind learning experience. Our expertise in training students for IPMAT has evolved our teaching methods and made us one of the best spots for online IPMAT. Our Video sessions are made in such a way that you will feel like sitting in an actual classroom session.

CAT Topper Faculties

Our faculties for IPM Online classes play the role of guiding mentors for IPMAT aspirants. All our faculty members are accomplished CAT toppers who continue to mould students into achieving their desired IPMAT results.

Online Mocks Analysis at National Level

We are the only Institute in India that has thousands pf students registered from all over India, covering 59 cities & 22 states of India. Hence, through our online mock tests, a student gets an exposure to compete at National Level.

5 Reasons Why Stalwart’s IPM Online Classes are Worth joining

No Batch System: Unlike batch system, student is not be admitted in a running batch, we believe that each student learns with his own pace. So, with our Online IPMAT classes, one can start one’s online IPMAT preparation at any point and any time.

Constant Support from Faculties: Our faculties are always available to counsel and motivate the students. Be it IPMAT related problems or otherwise, students can seek guidance for effective strategy making and performance analysis.

Study Planner for Strategic Preparation: Unlike other IPMAT online classes where students are left unguided with a bunch of videos, preparation material and mock tests. Here at Stalwart, a student is properly guided through Study Planner on how to proceed for preparation & how to make the best use of the online course. The Study Planner enlightens student’s learning path, divides it into different stages and guides how to clear those stages.

Unmatched Training Quality: The entire Online IPMAT preparation course module is designed by Industry Experts and Video Lectures are delivered by seasoned professionals only.

Dedicated Student Relation Executive:We believe in providing the best services to our students as we target 100% student satisfaction. After the purchase of Stalwart’s Online IPMAT course, a Student Relation Executive is assigned to the student who takes care of all his queries and issues related to the services provided to him/her.

What does Stalwart’s Online IPMAT Preparation Course Offers?

Start from Basics:From Basic to Advance we teach everything to our students. We are the only Institute where we first work on your foundation and then take you along to the required level of IPMAT exam. In our Online IPMAT preparation course, along with 100+ video sessions on theory in which each concept is explained in-depth followed by example questions, you will be given theory books.

Learn at your own Pace:We believe that each student learns with his/her own pace. For thorough preparation of each topic, student is guided to go through various stages of learning. Stage-wise module makes learning quite smooth and takes the student gradually to the required level.

Challenge Yourself through Challenge Problems: Stalwart’s Online IPM course provides a set of high-level questions i.e. Challenge Problems, about which we claim that any student, who has solved these questions thoroughly, is able to crack IIM Indore IPM & IIM Rohtak IPM very easily. These questions are meant to provide an extra edge over competition.

Know where do you stand: We give a unique online IPMAT preparation experience. First, a student gets access to our national level online IPMAT mock test series. Second, after every online mock test, we provide individual test analysis so that a student can gauge his strengths and weaknesses.

Get your Doubts cleared on One – to – One basis: Our Faculties are always eager to help our students as much as possible. Our IPM Online Coaching facilitates our students to ask doubt anytime through our web portal and mobile App.

What are the benefits of joining the Best IPMAT Online Test Series?

  • Determine your position on a national level from among 2500+ students through our online IPMAT mock tests
  • Extensively scheduled IPMAT Mocks get you into the rhythm of writing IPMAT exams.
  • Topic-based IPMAT mock tests to master every area with ease.

Stalwart’s Online IPMAT Classes: Best for CAT Preparation


INR 13200.00/ INR 18200.00

  1. Video Lectures - 750+
  2. Comprehensive study material eBooks
  3. Online Mock IPMAT – 5
  4. Online Mock SET, NPAT, UGAT, CHRIST, DAVV CET – 20+
  5. Online Topic-Based Mock Tests (Basic & Advanced) - 100+


INR 9600.00/ INR 15600.00

  1. Video Lectures - 150+
  2. Comprehensive study material eBooks
  3. Online Mock IPMAT – 10
  4. Online Mock SET, NPAT, UGAT, CHRIST, DAVV CET – 20+
  5. Online Topic-Based Mock Tests (Basic & Advanced) - 100+


INR 1899.00/ INR 2499.00

  1. Comprehensive study material eBooks (Including Theory Books, Practice Books)
  2. IPM Indore Specific QA + VARC Book
  3. IPM Rohtak Specific DILR Book
  4. Online Mock IPMAT – 5
  5. Online Mock SET, NPAT, UGAT, TISS-NET, CHRIST, DAVV CET – 30 (5 each)
  6. Online Topic-Based Mock Tests (Basic & Advanced) - 100+


INR 7800.00/ INR 13200.00

  1. Concept Video Sessions - 100+
  2. Comprehensive Study Material
  3. Online Mock SET, UGAT, NPAT, CET, CHRIST – 10+
  4. Online Topic-Based Tests - 50+


INR 1299.00/ INR 1599.00

  1. Mock IPM Indore – 5
  2. Mock IPM Rohtak – 5
  3. Mock NPAT – 5
  4. Mock SET – 3
  5. Mock UGAT – 3
  6. Mock CUET – 3
  7. Topic Based assignments – 100+
  8. Complimentary GK, PI, WAT preparation content

FAQs –

Preparing for IPMAT is a personalized process and any general rule of thumb does not work for everyone. However, there are some basic things pertaining to online IPMAT preparation that you must consider before laying out a strategy:
  • Identify your target: Decide what you are aiming for and prepare accordingly. Every exam requires different kind of preparation. Don’t try to do all at once, this may induce ineffectiveness.
  • Identify weak spots: It is very important to identify your weakness. IPMAT has 3 mail sections- verbal, Quantitative and Logical Reasoning/Data Interpretation. We suggest undertaking a friendly online IPMAT mock test to assess your standing and check your comfort with each section. After you’ve done this, determine if there is a need for an online IPM coaching or not. This step will also allow you to determine a IPMAT preparation schedule for yourself.
  • Get access to good IPMAT study material: A good study material acts as an important guiding tool and point of reference. At Stalwart, we have carefully curated our IPMAT study material. These materials aim to work from the bottom up for your online IPMAT preparation.
  • Indulge in online IPMAT mock tests: Take national level mock tests, like our Pro IPMATs to determine your standing and also to get a flavour of the main IPMAT exam so that there are no surprises on the final day. Do not get disheartened by poor performances, these do not reflect your actual IPMAT score. Instead, look for improvement areas so that your final IPMAT exam is a success
  • Get guidance: Look for good mentors. IPMAT is a stressful exam and preparation can sometimes get heavy and cumbersome. Make sure to confide in your mentors regarding IPMAT preparation, IPMAT mock tests, IPMAT classes or any emotional stress you might feel.
  • Understand the IPMAT exams pattern to get transparent view of the VARC section. They include areas such as Para jumbles, summaries, sentence jumble etc.
  • Mix familiar and unfamiliar contents while reading. Introduce difficult reading material to enhance your reading capabilities and expose yourself to new words, phrases etc. but also read familiar or easy texts to develop speed.
  • Mark hard phrases and study their meanings from dictionary. While you pick up new words or phrases, employ them in everyday use while talking to friends or family.
  • Download word play games, scrabble, vocabulary builders etc. and engage in games, puzzles or daily challenges. /li>
  • Expose yourself to as much variety as possible. Our IPMAT question bank gives you access to multiple varieties. This keeps surprises at bay and makes attempting IPMAT mock tests enjoyable.
  • Understand the IPMAT exams pattern to get transparent view of the DI/LR section. Attempt
  • DILR set daily. Take it as a challenge. That is the great way to attempt the DILR since in the recent years, it is becoming tough to differentiate between DI and LR units.
  • Scan the available sets of questions. Attempt the easy ones first and put them aside. Then shift your focus to the intermediate questions and finally to the difficult ones. The aim is to not waste any time or lose out on easy marks that can be scored with the easy or intermediate sets.
  • Practice past papers and take online IPMAT mock tests to enhance speed and accuracy.
  • It would be handy to remember table upto at least 25 and squares upto 30. Sometimes, it helps seeing numbers more clearly and hence increases speed.
  • Spend an extra second in comprehending the question. Make sure you know what the question is demanding before you embark upon solving it. You don’t want to waste your efforts in solving an unasked or wrong question, IPMAT hardly provides room for wasted efforts.
The IPMAT classroom course provided by Stalwart IPMAT coaching classes boasts of a faculty that take added efforts in motivating the students on a personal level. Consider the online video course as your personal show which you can watch at your convenience. Live classes may often restrict you since they happen at a fixed schedule. We want your online IPMAT preparation experience to be extremely personalized and exclusive. You can watch any combination of IPMAT preparation videos that please you without being restricted to a time table. We understand how IPMAT is a unique experience for all and hence IPM online coaching will make you feel at ease and boost the learning process.
It is extremely subjective and depends on a lot of factors such as your schedule, aim, existing competency, etc. At Stalwart, anything is possible. We can curate a module for you which suits your time constraints and prepares you well. Our faculties are always available on their toes help the students and make mission IPMAT a success. Our Pro IPMATs are another tool for you to take online IPMAT mock tests and master your knowledge with practice and application.
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